Roxanne Ruiz-Adams, DSW, LCSW

Roxanne is the licensed clinical oncology social worker for the Trinitas Comprehensive Cancer Center.  She received her doctorate in social work from Rutgers University, after receiving her master's in social work from Fordham University.  Prior to her seven years  at Trinitas, she managed the patient and family services department for the American Cancer Society in Northern New Jersey.   With her extensive history in oncology, Roxanne has been able to serve as a resource to patients and families journeying through cancer by providing emotional support, psycho-education, and case management services.


Her experience working in NJ cities, noted for their high population of undocumented residents,  has deepened her insight on the impact of trauma on patients living in the shadows.  In her work, she has been able to treat undocumented patients re-traumatized by the lack of resources and fear of deportation.  As a member of the treatment team, Roxanne helps diminish trauma's impact on the treatment plan and trust in the healthcare system. 

In addition to serving as a licensed clinical social worker, she is an adjunct professor at Kean University and owns a private mental health practice in Montclair, NJ.

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DISCLAIMER: Roxanne Ruiz-Adams is a Doctor of Social Work, and does not represent herself to be an attorney. The contents herein are not intended to be legal advice or substitute the legal advice of a qualified attorney. If you are in need of legal advice, please seek a qualified attorney. More information can be found on the American Immigration Law Association website